Synwulf Wildblood

"There are two ways you can meet your god. By my sword and by my axe!" - Synwulf's response to a cleric's theological discussion


Synwulf, level 1
Human, Ranger
Build: Two-Blade Ranger
Fighting Style Option: Two-Blade Fighting Style
Ranger Option: Running Attack
Human Power Selection Option: Heroic Effort
Moonshae Isles (Moonshae Isles Benefit)

STR 17, CON 14, DEX 14, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 8

STR 17, CON 14, DEX 14, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 8

AC: 14 Fort: 15 Ref: 14 Will: 11
HP: 31 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 7

Acrobatics +7, Athletics +8, Endurance +7, Nature +5, Perception +5, Stealth +7

Arcana +0, Bluff –1, Diplomacy –1, Dungeoneering +0, Heal +0, History +0, Insight +0, Intimidate –1, Religion +0, Streetwise –1, Thievery +2

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Human Racial Power: Heroic Effort
Hunter’s Quarry Power: Hunter’s Quarry
Ranger Attack 1: Twin Strike
Ranger Attack 1: Shield of Blades
Ranger Attack 1: Dire Wolverine Strike
Ranger Attack 1: Jaws of the Wolf

Level 1: Improved Initiative
Level 1: Master at Arms

Battleaxe x1
Longsword x1
Leather Armor x1
Adventurer’s Kit


Of Synwulf’s parents, only his fadir, Kolfinn, still lives. His mother, Vera, died when Synwulf was ten winters old. She was out gathering shellfish along a stretch of beach early one morning when she mysteriously disappeared. When the family searched for her, they found only the remains of a broken wicker basket. Nearby markings suggested that something immense had swooped down and had taken her by surprise. Many in the community whispered rumors of a possible dragon, or that a similar creature may be responsible, but none knew for certain what took Synwulf’s modir away from her family that tragic morning.

Synwulf is the youngest child of a family of six (four boys and two girls, ranging in ages from nineteen to thirty). Synwulf’s brothers and sisters include: Varyn (M,30), Sigvid (M,28), Bera (F,25), Gunnhild (F,24), and Ozur (M,19).

Kolfinn is a fisherman by trade like his fadir, Meldun, was before him. The entire family lives at the community’s edge, near the ocean, rarely venturing into the community except to sell, trade, or buy required goods. Kolfinn has handed down his skills of fishing, hunting wild boar, and respect for nature to all of his children who are all accomplished rangers. In fact, the community has often relied on the skills of Synwulf’s brothers, Varyn and Sigvid, who are considered two of the community’s best rangers.

Although Synwulf has friends he’s grown up with in the community, he finds solace in his own solitude. He often ventures out on day-long wanderings alone. When he is around others, Synwulf tends to be laconic, being uninterested in most things not regarding nature, dragons, or fighting. He often challenges his older brothers to wrestling and combat to hone his martial skills. Amongst his kinsmen, he is known as a brave ranger who loves to get in the thick of fights, but is never reckless.

In Religion, Synwulf believes that only nature itself hold true power. He is neither convinced that gods do in fact exist, but believes them to be no more than mortals who have somehow gained legendary status, who are then falsely worshipped by those eager to believe in such beings. Synwulf only believes what he sees and experiences for himself, and just as in nature, life is a cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. However, he is not above sending anyone to meet their maker if pushed enough on the matter.

Since his mother’s disappearance, Synwulf had found someone to teach him Draconic, the language of dragons and their kind. He vowed that someday, he would find the foul creature responsible for taking his modir.

But until that day arrives, Synwulf keeps himself busy with his day-to-day chores and occasional wanderings.

Synwulf Wildblood

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